How long does it take to charge the lamps?

It will generally take between 5-6 hours to charge all our lamps. However please check the information on the product page for specific times. Recharging time can be influenced by temperature and humidity. A hot ambient temperature may increase charging time.


What is the life expectancy of the lamps?

All of our lamps are fitted with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. These typically have a life expectancy of 500+ charges or roughly 2-3 years depending on usage.

Please note:- rechargeable batteries like to be charged. Prolonged inactivity or operating in high temperature, may impair performance and shorten the battery life. 


What's included in the box?

All cordless lamps are supplied with USB Charging Cable.


What is the best way to store my lamps for an extended period of time when its not in use?

We recommend recharging the lamps every 2 months and leaving for no more than 3 months without charging. Store the lamp in a dry and cool place preferably no higher than 30c, elevated temperature will increase permanent battery discharge rate.

This prevents the battery from dropping below 2.50V per cell, triggering sleep mode. Li-ion will no longer be recoverable if kept below 2.00V per cell for more than a week.


How do I know my lamp is fully charged?

Please refer to the user manual. However, generally when the lamps are fully charged the indicator light inside the lamp will turn green. When the lamps are still charging they will show a red indicator light.


What is your return policy?

Our return policy is very flexible and customer friendly, we try to accommodate our patrons as much as we can, we welcome replacements on the following terms -
If an incorrect product has been delivered (i.e product/articles don't match the item in the order confirmation), or if the product received has a genuine manufacturing defect, or if the product is damaged during transit (please share an opening video in this case). Kindly intimate us within 48 hours for a replacement or a refund. 


How long will it take for my order to reach me?

We ship within 2-3 days of receiving an order. You should receive your order within 6-8 days of placing it.


Do you ship internationally?

We are not shipping outside India as of now.


Can you make a video of the product or show me a live picture?

Yes we'd love to help you out with that. You can share your selection of products with us via WhatsApp at +91 91619 91617 and we'll get back with real-time images of the products.

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